Weight Loss: How To Lose Weight Effectively

Weight Loss: It’s not Easy, but You Can Do It
One question I get very often as a 23 year plus veteran Austin personal trainer and gym owner, is what is the best way to lose weight? Weight loss, like virtually any question, in any field, you can oversimplify it, throw a an antiquated formula at it, or attempt to answer it with a sweeping statement. Since I take the word “personal” in my…

The Importance Of A Clean Gym

Never Discount The Importance Of A Clean Gym
As a longtime Austin personal trainer as well as the owner of the Austin Fitness Center since it’s inception back in 2007, one concept was never lost on me. The importance of a clean gym. I have worked in many facilities over the 23 years I’ve been personal training in Austin, and I can assure you, that many are less than sanitary. It could b…

The Best Way To Lose Weight

Wondering What The Best Way To Lose Weight Is?
One question I hear a lot of as a longtime personal trainer in Austin, is what is the best way to lose weight? It is a deceptively difficult question to answer. One could point to vigorous, calorie depleting activities such as rock climbing, swimming, etc, and suggest that they are the best way to lose weight is to undertake thes…

Why I Own A Gym

Why I Own A Gym
On several occasions over the last decade since I founded the Austin Fitness Center, a few of my personal training clients have asked me why I own a gym as opposed to simply being a trainer elsewhere, and not subjecting myself to the stress that often accompanies owning a small business. It’s a fair question since my gym is not one that I advertise, run silly promotions…

Keeping New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

keeping New Year's fitness resolutions

Worried About Keeping New Year’s Fitness Resolutions?
Many people, just like you and me, are going to be making grandiose New Year’s resolutions. Many people will quit smoking, for at least a few hours, and many people will give up drinking, at least until January 2nd. at least until January 2nd. The biggest proclamation people make, however, is that they are going to get in better shape com…

Free Weights Or Machines: Which Is Better?

free weights or machines

What To Do? Free Weights Or Machines In The Gym?
One question I field quite often as a longtime personal trainer as well as gym owner, is, which is better, free weights or machines? That’s a pretty tough one to answer, generally speaking, as everybody is different, and has different needs, of course. The truthful answer, is that it depends on what you are trying to accomplish, what imbalances…

Gym Myths: Separating Fact From Fiction

gym myths

Dispelling Some Common Gym Myths
There’s any number of gym myths and misconceptions floating around which only makes for confusion and often times, an increased sense of anxiety about joining and/or going to a gym. There really is no need for it, and frankly, as you’ll see, most of these gym myths are pretty silly to begin with.

Perhaps the biggest of the gym myths is that only fit peo…

Gym Etiquette: Why Is It So Important?

gym etiquette

Do You Have Proper Gym Etiquette?
Gym etiquette seems a lost art at times. Some people tend to think solely of themselves and disregard how they are impacting others with their actions. Thankfully, at my gym that almost never happens. People are people, however, and we should all be a little patient with each other and realize that any one of us could have been distracted and forgotten to put…

What Is It Like Owning A Gym In Austin?

what is it like owning a gym in austin

Wondering What Is It Like Owning A Gym In Austin?
As a 22 year veteran personal trainer and Austin gym owner for almost a decade now, you can imagine I get my fair share of questions when I’m working with clients, or just working out. I was unsure of what to write for this blog entry when it suddenly dawned on me, that the most interesting question that’s more perspective than anything,…

Why Do Gyms Charge Initiation Fees?

Do You Ever Wonder Why Do Gyms Charge Initiation Fees?
One question I get a lot as the longtime owner of an Austin gym, is why do gyms charge initiation fees, as well as account maintenance fees, and the like? The answer is quite simple. Money.
My gym, Austin Fitness Center, has never charged anything other than $28 per month plus sales tax. No other fees are involved unless you ar…

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