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My name is Andy Bruchey and I’ve been an Austin personal trainer for over 20 years. Never before have we had to deal with such a difficult time as this pandemic. Since face to face training is still unsafe, we are now offering ONLINE PERSONAL TRAINING. This is the only safe way to train clients right now until I can responsibly reopen my gym. Online personal training with us is to the same standard as our traditional personal training. No formulas, contracts, prepaid packages, etc, etc. REAL PERSONAL TRAINING AT IT’S BEST!

 I founded the Austin Fitness Center back in 2007 to offer people a nice alternative to all of the stereotypical big box Austin gyms, and my personal training clients a better, cleaner, friendlier environment in which to train with me.

I’m a genuinely friendly, laid back, but very driven person who thoroughly enjoys people and takes great pride in his work. I specialize in nutrition, corrective flexibility, strength training, weight loss, weight gain, sport specific training, and post injury rehabilitation.

I have, and continue to work with doctors, professional athletes (NBA, PGA, NFL, MLB) high school and collegiate athletes, swimmers,mixed martial artists, rowers, figure skaters, actors, film makers, business professionals, housewives, bodybuilders, weekend warriors, and beginners.

I have extensive experience working with a myriad of issues such as heart disease, diabetes, knee and joint injuries and imbalances, thyroid disorders, MS, RA, prosthetics, digestive issues, spine and lumbar conditions, torn muscles, sciatica, kyphosis, peripheral nueropathy, obesity, eating disorders, etc etc.

I have a great passion for what I do and I very much enjoy the satisfaction that comes from helping others not only look better, but feel and perform better as well.

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Personal Training
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Personal Training
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Longtime personal trainer and owner of the Austin Fitness Center Andy Bruchey writes of the personal training services available at his gym.

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