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Andy Bruchey


The Austin Fitness Center is a very well equipped, ultra clean, genuinely friendly, and one of the most unique of neighborhood Austin personal training gyms that is neither intimidating to the beginner, nor invasive and distracting to the professional athlete.

As a long time personal trainer, having worked in various gyms over the years, I decided back in 2006 that I wanted to establish a personal training facility that would be an alternative to the stereotypical big box Austin gyms with all the sales pitches, contracts, extra fees, meet market atmospheres, etc.

I built a personal training gym where anyone from a fitness novice to a professional can feel comfortable and be productive. A place where you don’t swipe a card or enter your number upon entering, but rather just say hello and we know who you are.

Have any questions? Please contact me!
About Us
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About Us
Gym founder and owner Andy Bruchey gives a little insight as to who we are, and what we do at Austin Fitness Center
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Andy Bruchey-Austin Fitness Center
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Monday-Friday: 5:00am-1:00pm

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Andy-About-UsOne of the best Austin gyms. We're a local family founded, owned, and operated South Austin personal training gym that's fantastically equipped, super clean, and genuinely friendly.