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Gym Etiquette: Why Is It So Important?

Do You Have Proper Gym Etiquette?

Gym etiquette seems a lost art at times. Some people tend to think solely of themselves and disregard how they are impacting others with their actions. Thankfully, at my gym that almost never happens. People are people, however, and we should all be a little patient with each other and realize that any one of us could have been distracted and forgotten to put away a barbell, for example.

Gym etiquette is very important as it allows others to get their workouts in while you do yours, and everybody can move about in harmony. It also means that everybody puts away whatever piece of equipment they were using, and wiped off any sweat they may have left on the seating area, or handles. That’s simple manners and it’s what we teach our kids, to varying degrees of success, and it’s known as cleaning up after yourself.

Another important aspect of gym etiquette which pertains further to the harmonious aspect of a bunch of folks using a gym simultaneously, is the allowing of others to work in with you while you are using a piece of equipment. For example, if you are doing sets on the leg press, and someone who is going to be using a similar weight to you, asks to work in, you should do so. It is, however, very reasonable to let them know that it may be more appropriate and easier for everyone if they let you finish up in a few minutes if you are using 8 – 45 lb plates per side, and they will be using 1, for example. If, on the other hand, it is simply a matter of re positioning the pin in the weight stack, that is an entirely different scenario, and there is no good reason why 2 people can’t share that apparatus.

Gym etiquette is always being mindful of your manners. That means that if someone is exercising in front of a mirror, in order to check their form, or because they’re vain, no matter, you don’t walk or stand between them and the mirror. You also don’t strike up unnecessary conversations with people while they’re working out. Especially if they have ear buds in and are thereby sending a clear signal to the world that they do not wish to be disturbed. Some people view the gym as a place to meet people, but not everybody sees it that way and they want to focus on the reason they’re at the gym in the first place. To workout!

Proper gym etiquette simply boils down to being considerate of others. Don’t sit on equipment and play with your phone while others want to exercise on it. Don’t leave a streak of sweat on the bench press for the next person to lay on. It’s really just common sense, and common courtesy. In my gym, Austin Fitness Center, the rules are enforced strictly, thus allowing everybody to get their workout’s in without having one inconsiderate person stand in the way. Not all of the Austin gyms are run that way. Take this into consideration when you check out a gym that you may be interested in joining. Have a look around and see how clean it is. What are people doing between sets? Are they ignoring their messes and talking on their phones? They’re not doing either at my gym.

Gym Etiquette: Why Is It So Important?
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Gym Etiquette: Why Is It So Important?
Longtime gym owner and personal trainer Andy Bruchey writes of the importance of good gym etiquette.
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Andy Bruchey-Austin Fitness Center
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