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Why I Own A Gym

Why I Own A Gym
On several occasions over the last decade since I founded the Austin Fitness Center, a few of my personal training clients have asked me why I own a gym as opposed to simply being a trainer elsewhere, and not subjecting myself to the stress that often accompanies owning a small business. It’s a fair question since my gym is not one that I advertise, run silly promotions…

What Is It Like Owning A Gym In Austin?

what is it like owning a gym in austin

Wondering What Is It Like Owning A Gym In Austin?
As a 22 year veteran personal trainer and Austin gym owner for almost a decade now, you can imagine I get my fair share of questions when I’m working with clients, or just working out. I was unsure of what to write for this blog entry when it suddenly dawned on me, that the most interesting question that’s more perspective than anything,…

Austin Gyms: Which Is The Best One?


Which Of The Many Austin Gyms Is Right For You?
There is no shortage of Austin gyms to choose from. It hasn’t always been like this, however. There used to just be the usual big box selections to choose from with a small gym like mine, Austin Fitness Center, tucked away here and there. These days, with all the latest fitness trends, coupled with the massive influx of people to Austin, there ar…

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