A few kind words from some happy clients.

Very friendly, well-equipped neighborhood gym. This is a gym where you don’t show a membership card. You don’t need one as the friendly staff will know who you are. Andy opened it not to make a killing on selling memberships but in order to have a venue that meets his standards for the training he does. Well, in the last six months of training with Andy I have — at age 63 — reduced my blood pressure, lost 40 lbs, cut my LDL bad cholesterol down a third and feel younger and stronger than I did 15 years ago! Andy has his rules — turn your cell phone ringer off when entering, no snickering about those less fit than you, no hitting on the other patrons. Some will like these rules, some will not. (I do) If you like those rules and want a gym that is remarkably well-outfitted for its small size, with new equipment ALL OF WHICH WORKS, and is spotlessly clean, you will like this place. Andy is no newcomer to training and is more than cooperative in sharing his expertise. Unlike the big outfits, there are no enrollment fees and you can quit at any time with NO penalty — just send a registered letter. Training by Andy and the gym are both HIGHLY recommended!” – Don

I’m very happy I found this gym! So many gyms are vying for our dollars here in South Austin. Most of them are corporate giants and the few that are small are poorly equipped and poorly cleaned/maintained. This gym is the exception by a mile. The owner is a class act who really knows his stuff. The equipment is more than most everyone will ever need and the place is spotless at all times. I love it. The price is beyond reasonable at $28/month and there’s no nonsense initiation fees to pay or contracts. I’m very happy to be here and plan on staying no matter what “great deal” the big box gyms offer next.” – Melanie

Finally a cool gym! With so many gyms in the Austin area, it’s nice to see that a gym owner finally gets it. Andy is a very down to earth guy who genuinely likes to help people. The gym is void of sales pitches and marketing schemes. The facility is equipped very well and is downright spotless. There’s no “gym attitudes” prevailing either. Just laid back and friendly.” – Brent

I was tired of paying a lot of money for my big gym membership and I always felt like I was being sold a bad used car. I checked out Austin Fitness Center and I was shocked. The gym is clean, very well equipped, and very friendly. I have been personal training with the owner, Andy Bruchey for a few months now and all I can say is that I’m delighted with the gym and my progress. Excellent, excellent establishment.” – Debbie

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